A Journey to Skin Clarity: Lois


acne before and after

Lois, age 28 / 6 weeks using The Secret

Concerns / Hormonal acne and acne scarring
Treatment / The Essentials Set – Cellular Repair Night Cream / Day Brightening Elixir / Brightening Eye Serum

There’s a reason you’ll often hear people refer to skincare as a “journey”.  

While it might sound ridiculous to those with the gift of clear skin, those who didn’t get so lucky will know just how much it… well, to put it quite simply, sucks.

Something that may seem as superficial as the appearance of your skin to some, in reality holds enough power to take a toll on absolutely anyone’s confidence and mental wellbeing.

It’s a journey, Lois, now 28, is painfully familiar with.

“In February 2020 I had one of the worst breakouts I had since I was 18. My confidence was shot at 27 and my anxiety went through the roof. It happened literally overnight, no warning, no obvious lifestyle changes and was aggressive. I was transported straight back to my 15-year-old spotty self with zero control over the outcome.”

Lois experienced a sudden bout of breakout, as pictured here in February 2020.

Acne is a completely normal part of growing up. It’s unfortunate, but inevitable for most teens. It’s also a “been there, done that, don’t ever want to do it again” type situation… and then it happens again. Only this time, as an adult, with adult responsibilities like meetings, dinners and other social engagements. All things that require face-to-face conversation with other adults.

This shouldn’t be happening, right? Acne is only for teenagers… You’d be surprised, but the stats prove otherwise. Almost 85% of females and 15% of males experience acne as an adult. Those numbers seem far too high to think adult acne isn’t normalised… and for some reason, it’s not. Adult acne can be an isolating experience. It shakes your confidence, your ability to socialise, and your wallet when you try anything and everything in a desperate bid to clear your skin.

“My skin has been temperamental in the past, but could be kept at bay with birth control, antibiotics, wild topical ointments, grossly overpriced LED sessions, fancy foundations and trying ever fad known to man.” Lois said,

“Having acne caused a tremendous amount of pain in my teens; not to mention the $1000s I’ve spent on the above and two brutal rounds of Roaccutane. My quest for clear skin, quite literally, has driven me to insanity at times.”

mask acneLois would rarely leave the house without makeup in a bid to mask congestion.

In September 2020, a friend introduced Lois to a up and coming skincare brand by two doctors from Perth, Western Australia, who were making magic happen with their customised skincare formulas.

But, it’s not magic. It’s science. The Secret Skincare doctors utilise prescription ingredients to treat challenging skin conditions. Years of research, medical trials and studies have shown them to be the most effective ingredients on the market. They combine these ingredients into specialised day and night formulas that perfectly compliment the needs of patients exactly like Lois.

In a last-ditch attempt to reach what seemed to be the unattainable goal of clear skin, Lois visited The Secret Skincare on her friend’s recommendation. Little did she know this would be the last stop she would ever need to make on her journey. The Secret Skincare doctors customised Lois a bespoke formulation based on the needs she had outlined in her online consultation form.

“My skin journey this year has been insane and is too good not to share with you! I completed a round of antibiotics in March and was prescribed a topical treatment by a private dermatologist which stopped the severity of active breakouts, but Secret Skincare has been the icing on the cake! My acne scars have been reduced, as well as my sun damage and frequency of breakouts like nothing I have ever seen before. I have never had skin like this and regularly walk out of the house without make-up for the first time in... well, ever.”

Lois, October 2020 6 weeks into using The Secret Skincare

If we’re being real, everyone is too busy worrying about their own lives to be worrying about the clarity of another persons skin. That’s not the reality we feel however. Surveys have shown that 98% of people with a skin condition have said it affected their emotional wellbeing. Lois sums it up perfectly when she says,

“Honestly, I cannot thank Secret Skincare (and the friend who recommend the brand) enough. It may sound ridiculous...but your products have not only changed my physical appearance, they’ve had the biggest impact on my confidence and well-being. This may sound utterly ridiculous to those reading, but for anyone who has ridden the bitterly unfair and relentless roller coaster that is acne, you’ll get it!

To now be able to channel my mental energy into more productive endeavours, other than “I wonder if the person I’m speaking to right now is looking at the bumps on my face” is really the ultimate win for me. The mental space I previously used up worrying about my skin, has been gifted back.”

The journey for Lois doesn’t end there. Six months from the day she started her course of treatment with the Cellular Repair she was ready to take the next step: to maintain the flawless complexion she had spent so long creating. The Secret Skincare was designed with the intention to be your skincare brand for life, just as it is now for Lois.

clear skinLois, February 2021, still glowing 6 months into using The Secret Skincare

“The results continue to out-stand. It’s honestly the happiest, most beautiful I’ve ever felt. I cannot thank you enough! I must now be your biggest unofficial brand rep haha, I regularly whip my phone out to show before and afters when people comment on my skin. Which is a lot. You’ve taken me from spotty and anxious to flawless! I will never use another product.”

Product breakdown:

The Essentials Set