Prescription Range

Prescription Range: Before you Order

To place an order request with The Secret Skincare simply browse The Range and select the product you would like to try and add it to your cart. The Secret Range contains a number of different formulations carefully designed to treat a variety of specific skin concerns. Unsure what products will be best to suit your skin needs and align with your skin goals? Our doctors will make the recommendation for you. To get your recommendation, simply complete our online skin questionnaire, here.

Probably our most frequently asked question and ultimately why we created The Secret Skincare. Most people don’t know what product will be best for their skin concerns, which is where our doctors’ step in to help. If you’re unsure what product to choose from our range, our doctors will make the recommendation for you. To get your recommendation, simply complete our online skin questionnaire, here.  

Your skincare will be formulated based on the answers provided in this questionnaire, so it is important to answer honestly, thoughtfully and with as much detail as possible. The Secret Skincare skin and medical questionnaire asks you all the same questions you would be asked in a regular consultation with your doctor, except without all the fuss of visiting an actual doctor.

Only after it has been reviewed and approved by The Secret Skincare doctors can we commence compounding your skincare. Ultimately, every order is based on the details of your medical questionnaire. If the doctors do not feel the products, you have requested will be suited to your skin, they will alter the formulations you have chosen with what they believe will bring you the best results. Our team will communicate with you to let you know of any changes suggested by the doctors.

This is unusual! We aim to respond to all orders within 1 business day. Be sure that your order request has been submitted by completing the checkout process. Payment and delivery details must be entered in order for the order request to come through to the doctors. If you have completed these steps and still haven't heard back, please contact us.

No need! We’re all about simplifying here at The Secret. That means simplifying your skincare experience from beginning to end. The Secret was created to take the pain out of those long waits in the doctor’s office and large consultation fees. Our e-consultation system allows you to receive the power of prescription-strength ingredients, only from the comfort of your own home.

Our consultation process has been curated from over 20 years of knowledge from the medical-skincare industry from The Secret Skincare Co-founders Dr Deb Cohen-Jones and Dr Clara Hurst. It’s the kind of knowledge that only comes from experience.

The online medical questionnaire ensures nothing is missed. Unless actively seeking out a specialist, GPs can have limited knowledge of the more aesthetic skin conditions. Our team specialises in this field. They have the knowledge that allows multiple medically proven ingredients to be combined into powerful day and night formulas. Particularly today with the difficulty individuals can have seeing doctors and having access to dermatologist the online consultation form allows easy accessibility.

Due to the personalised and prescription nature of our skincare, we ask that you please do not place an order request on someone else’s behalf. If you are looking to gift The Secret we recommend purchasing one of our gift cards here.

Due to the advertising laws surrounding prescription skincare we are not able to publicly disclose the ingredients in our prescription products. We are, however, always happy to advise you of their ingredients upon request. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

The Secret Skincare treats a variety of skin conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Acne
  • Ageing skin
  • Dullness
  • Dehydration / dryness
  • General skin health / improvement
  • Hair loss / thinning

Please feel free to contact our team with any more questions relating to the conditions our products treat.

The Secret Skincare was designed to bring skin solutions to all ages.

We have pregnancy safe options in all our Night Cream, Day Elixir and Treatment ranges. The following products are not safe to use whilst pregnant:

  • Cellular Repair Night Cream
  • Cellular Repair Night Cream – Sensitive I
  • Cellular Repair Night Cream – Sensitive II
  • Cellular Repair Night Eye Cream
  • Acne Night Formula I
  • Acne Night Formula II
  • Acne Spot Treatment
  • Total Reset Night Cream
  • Post Treatment Care Cream

Yes, The Secret is safe to use whilst breastfeeding.

Our Standard Night Cream's and Day Elixir's have been designed to last within the time frame of 4-5 months when used as per our doctors recommendations in your personalised treatment plan. Our Serum products should last approximately 2-3 months. Due to the prescriptive nature of our products, they have a shelf life of approximately 6 months. After this time frame we can no longer guarantee their efficiency and recommend renewing your formulas

Once you have completed the medical questionnaire you must proceed to checkout to finalise your order and supply payment details. These details are needed to secure your order; however, the payment will not be processed until your order is approved by our doctors. You will receive email communication from us with their final recommendation before payment is processed.

All of our products are hand-made to order. This allows us to customise our formulas to best suit your needs. Our team will contact you if any customisations to your order are required. Alternatively, you may request customisation yourself which is subject to doctor’s approval.

The Secret Base is just one part of what differentiates us from a visit to your regular GP. It was designed by our doctors to be the perfect medium to the active ingredients in your Night Cream, acting as both a support and luxurious delivery system. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose this information under Intellectual Property laws. In saying this, if there is a specific ingredient you are not able to use or if you have any allergies / skin sensitivities to a specific ingredient, we encourage you to get in contact with our team. Our doctors can ensure your formulation is suited to any allergies / skin sensitivities.

Our products can benefit the skin throughout the entire year and are completely safe to use throughout the warmer months when used and applied considered.

Vitamin A and Hydroquinone can cause the skin to become photosensitive - this does not mean, however, you need to avoid them completely, only be a little more cautious. These ingredients can benefit the skin throughout the entire year. Retinoids in particular will help to repair the damage that the sun induces on the skin such as the breakdown of collagen and the over-production of melanin that causes pigmentation. Hydroquinone will also inhibit melanin production to help prevent and fade pigment. The key to utilising these products all year round lies in sunscreen and sun protection. If you are diligent in wearing a SPF50+ every day and are not overexposing your skin to the sun you are completely fine to use them. 

We also encourage patients to be guided by their intuition. If you know you are going to be in the sun for prolonged periods of time where SPF application won’t be as strict, we recommend decreasing applications of your night cream to alternating nights. The Day Brightening Elixir contains powerful brightening and skin protecting benefits particularly useful for the summertime. Staying on top of your active skincare will help to prevent these summertime skin effects.

Your skin is constantly evolving throughout its life. It is constantly changing its structure and functions as we start to age and as we expose ourselves to different external aggressors. These factors are always going to contribute to the degrading condition of our skin - they're unavoidable, and for this reason whatever results you make with any active skincare ingredients will always need to be maintained with some sort of skincare. Our skincare was made with the intention that it is your skincare brand for life, to create and maintain optimally healthy skin.

Committed to offering our patients the very best service, we require a high-res image with every order to ensure our doctors are able to see a realistic version of your skin and create recommendations based on this, as well as the details provided in your medical questionnaire.

New Australian patients, as prompted by The Secret Skincare team.
Returning Australian patients with changes in medical details (medications, pregnancy, allergies) - these changes can be created manually or by emailing the Secret team and will trigger a video check-in.

New APRA regulations that are relevant only within Australia. The new regulations commence for new patients as of 1st September.

  • Pregnancy
  • Allergies
  • Medication

Please remember that skin concerns or issues are not considered medical details.

All of our prescription formulas have a shelf life of 6 months. After this time, we are unable to guarantee the efficacy of the active ingredients and recommend replenishing your products.

Prescription Range: After you Order

Please check your individual cover by contacting your health fund and asking if they cover “schedule 4 ingredients”.

  • Cellular Repair Night Cream
  • Cellular Repair Night Cream – Sensitive I
  • Cellular Repair Night Cream – Sensitive II
  • Cellular Repair Night Eye Cream
  • Acne Night Formula I
  • Acne Night Formula II
  • Acne Spot Treatment
  • Total Reset Night Cream

An invoice will be provided to you upon receiving your products that can be sent directly to your private health fund where you may be eligible for a rebate. The Secret Skincare are unable to provide any other documentation to support your claim. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please refer to your Personalised Treatment Plan for any additional product recommendations from our doctors, as well as the products from your current regime you can continue using.  

Generally speaking, we ask all patients using our Night Cream’s containing retinoids to cease use of any other invasive active ingredients such as exfoliating acids, other Vitamin A’s and so on.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, do not stress. It is a completely normal part of your journey to a healthier complexion.

  • Redness and flaking
  • Dryness and tightness
  • Purging
  • Darkening pigment

These effects can occur during what we call the “adjusting phase”. Generally speaking, the adjusting phase will last one skin cycle (for most people, this is around 4 – 6 weeks, but this can change depending on your current rate of skin cell-turnover). For more information on the adjusting phase and our treatment recommendations for ensuring a seamless experience, please refer to the Patient Journey Guide emailed to your after ordering or contact us.  

In the case of a reaction, please cease use of your products immediately and contact us. It is important to supply our team of skin specialists and doctors with photos so they are able to determine the cause of your skin reaction. The expert opinion of our doctors will determine the best course following your skin reaction. We ask you please follow any and all advice provided by our doctors and team.

If reaction persists or is considered an allergic reaction by a doctor an exchange of product will be organised for you for a formula better suited to your skin. If an exchange is determined unsuitable by our doctors, we will refund you the full amount.

Research suggests after 4 – 5 months of use some of the ingredients in our Cellular Repair Night Cream patients should take a 2 – 3 month break to avoid issues such as resistance and rebound pigmentation, ultimately ensuring you potentiate your skin cells for a greater future response.

Not including this break in your skincare plan can pose a few challenges to the skin, including:

  • Resistance
    You may find your skin improves at first to only cease improvement after a few months. As the active melanocytes (the cells that produce and store melanin) develop resistance to hydroquinone you may find hyperpigmentation appears worse as the areas surrounding your hyperpigmentation brighten and the hyperpigmentation does not - creating greater contrast.
  • Rebound pigmentation
    Prolonged use may provoke skin inflammation. Inflammation leads to melanocyte hyperactivity, which overpowers the creams’ ability to suppress tyrosinase, leading to the rebound hyperpigmentation.

Our doctors over-see each order placed to ensure all of our prescription ingredients are used correctly. For this reason, if you are an existing customer who has finished a cycle of our Cellular Repair, our doctors will recommend you switch to the Total Reset Night Cream for that 2 – 3 month break.

Your products will have arrived with care cards and a Personalised Treatment Plan with instructions for use from our doctors. Please refer to the individual instructions for use on your Treatment Plan.

As everyone’s skin is different, the timing of results will be varied between patient to patient. Generally, it will take at least one skin cycle (4 – 6 weeks, however, longer from some depending on their current state of skin cell turnover) for your skin to adjust to the active formulas and begin seeing improvement.

Please always disclose the skincare products you are using to your beauty therapist. They will be able to advise you on whether to proceed with your treatment, or if your treatment will need altering. The active nature of our skincare can mean your skin can be more susceptible to damage from invasive treatments such as waxing, laser and peels. We recommend you cease use of your Night Cream on the area you will be receiving treatment at least 4 days prior to and following your appointment. For those at risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), we recommend trying our Post Treatment Care Cream.

Please ensure your products are stored in a cool, dark place to maintain the efficacy of the active ingredients.

Base Range

The Base Range: General and Product Overview

Our Base Range is our new non-prescription range. While our Base Range includes potent active ingredients, it does not include prescription-strength ingredients, which are only available upon completing our medical questionnaire.

Our Base Range does not include prescription-strength ingredients, you are not required to complete our medical questionnaire to purchase these products. These can be added straight to your cart, and purchased on behalf of others.

Of-course! Our Base Range was designed to perfectly complement our prescription range. Some ingredients found in our prescription range can cause initial side effects such as dryness. Our Base Range has been carefully curated by our doctors to mitigate these side effects, and boost your results.

The usage will vary for each product, application instructions can be found in the product descriptions for each Base Range product. As always, we will include additional instructions in your personalised treatment plan.

Our Base Range has been formulated with all skin sensitivities in mind, and is therefore suitable for everyone. These products can be purchased for yourself, and on behalf of others.

Processing for our Base Range is 1-2 days upon ordering, unless purchased with a prescription item, where normal prescription timelines apply.

The Base Cream

Our Base Cream can be utilised a number of different ways. First and foremost this was designed to be used as a gentle, nourishing moisturiser for your off nights of your prescription Night Cream. This is something we have been recommending our patients for years, and now have our very own. Our Base Cream can be used as a standalone moisturiser, morning and/or night - as it includes nutrient-rich, hydrating ingredients. Lastly, our Base Cream doubles as the perfect makeup primer- whether this be morning or night makeup application. The perfect prep step, for a hydrated, dewy makeup base. 

Our Base Cream can definitely be applied on top of your Day Cream for added hydration throughout the day, however we recommend applying your Cellular Repair to clean, dry skin with no products layered.

If you are in the adjusting phase of using your Night Cream, we recommend applying The Base Cream on your off nights to nourish and strengthen your skin's lipid barrier. It is so important to keep your skin hydrated throughout this phase, to avoid irritation or sensitivity.

Yes, our Base Cream is non-comedogenic - making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Yes, our Base Cream is suitable for sensitive skin, we have undergone all appropriate testing to ensure it is gentle and nourishing for all patients.

Our Face Serum was re-formulated to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. It is potent with the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, this is a humectant which has the ability to attract and retain water molecules. It is recommended to follow a hydrating serum with a moisturiser to lock in moisture, and provide a more effective barrier against moisture loss.

Our Base Cream was designed to act as a gentle, nutrient-rich moisturiser to restore the skin and lock in hydration.

Face Serum

Apply 1-2 drops of our Face Serum to the face, neck and decolletage after cleansing each morning - Secret Tip: apply this to damp skin. This can also be used on your off nights of your Night Cream for a hydration boost.

Our Face Serum includes a number of effective active ingredients such as Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol (B5). As well as additional antioxidants such as Kakuda Plum Extract and Tasmanian Kelp Extract.

Our new Face Serum is packed with added antioxidants to further protect and strengthen your skin. This is no longer a prescription product, this is available to purchase online without completing our medical questionnaire.

Purified water, glycerol, niacinamide, gluconolactone, hyaluronic acid, tasmanian sea kelp extract, kakadu plum extract, sodium benzoate, aloe vera juice.

Face Oil

Yes, our Face Oil is suitable for all skin types.

Our Face Oil can be used daily, this is personal preference. Due to the calming nature of our Face Oil, this can be re-applied throughout the day without causing any sensitivity or irritation.

Our Face Oil can either be used on its own on your off nights of your Secret Night Cream, or applied on top of a gentle moisturiser to further hydrate and nourish your skin.

Our Face Oil can be used in a number of ways! Apply 1-2 drops of our Face Oil underneath or on top of your Day Elixir to lock in moisture during the day.

This can also be used as a treatment alone on your off nights, or on top of your Face Serum.

Another tip that we love to recommend is adding 1-2 drops of the Face Oil to your foundation for a dewy complexion and long lasting hydration throughout the day.

Caprylic/capric triglycerides, camelia oil, isostearyl isostearate, rice bran oil, dicaprylyl carbonate, coco-caprylate caprate, fragrance, raspberry oil, olive squalene.

Solar Serum SPF50

Our Solar Serum SPF50 provides advanced UVA and UVB sun protection, as well as HEV protection.

Chemical ingredients penetrate the skin and absorb Ultraviolet (UV) rays while physical/mineral ingredients deflect UV rays for advanced solar protection.

Physical ingredients like iron oxide specifically work to protect the skin from high-energy visible (HEV) light.

Our Solar Serum SPF50 is fragrance-free.

Studies suggest sunscreen should always be reapplied every 2 hours if you are spending time outdoors, perspiring or swimming. It’s important to note that sunscreen is only one form of sun protection, remember to seek shade and wear protective clothing.

Our Solar Serum SPF50 has a universal peach undertone, which melts into the skin to match your complexion. This leaves a natural coverage to the skin, however is not considered a skin tint.

Yes, our Solar Serum SPF50 is TGA approved.

Yes, our Solar Serum SPF50 is suitable for all skin types, including dry, combination and oily skin.

Oil Cleanser

Yes, our Oil Cleanser includes our Secret Scent.

Yes, it's very important to cleanse morning and night, when using prescription-strength ingredients.

It’s important to cleanse in the morning to remove any leftover product on your skin from the night before. If you are using one of our Night Creams with Vitamin A, this needs to be correctly removed in the morning as this can only be applied at night.

Additionally, some active ingredients should not be layered/mixed. This also gives you a clean base to apply your Day Cream and SPF50.

Cleansing in the evening is important to correctly remove dirt, makeup and SPF applied throughout the day.

Yes! We recommend double cleansing every night.

The first cleanse will work to remove dirt, sunscreen and makeup and the second cleanse will ensure the skin is completely clean before applying your other skincare products. This allows for the ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin and maximise effectiveness.

It’s important to use a gentle, oil or cream based cleanser while using The Secret products, our Oil Cleanser was made to perfectly complement our range.

Yes, our Oil Cleanser is non-comedogenic - making it suitable for all skin types, including oily.

Yes, our Oil Cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin, we have undergone all appropriate testing to ensure it is gentle and nourishing for our patients.

The Cleansing Balm

Yes, our Cleansing Balm includes our Secret scent.

Yes, our Cleansing Balm utilises gentle, soothing ingredients that are safe to use morning and night.

Yes, our Cleansing Balm is gentle enough to remove eye makeup.

Our Cleansing Balm is packed with natural oils specifically designed to attract oil-based impurities, like excess sebum found on the skin's surface. When water is introduced, these oils transform into a powerful microemulsion, ensuring a deep and thorough cleanse without leaving behind any unwanted product residue or oily film on your skin.

While our Cleansing Balm and Oil are two separate formulations, they are both gentle cleansing options, specifically designed for those using our prescription range.

They both include gentle and nourishing ingredients like Camelia Oil and are soothing on the skin.

Our Cleansing Balm can be used alone or as part of a double cleanse regime.

It’s important to double cleanse each night, to ensure all makeup, sunscreen and impurities are correctly removed. You can either double cleanse with the Cleansing Balm, or start with the balm and follow with an oil or milk cleanser to finish.

Yes, our Cleansing Balm is suitable for sensitive skin, we have undergone all appropriate testing to ensure it is gentle and nourishing for all patients.

Yes. our Cleansing Balm should be kept in a cool, dry spot is best.

*Secret tip - Leave on clean skin for up to 10 minutes as a nourishing mask.

Yes, our Cleansing Balm is non-comedogenic.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery & Returns Policy

Your order should be reviewed and approved by our doctors within 1 – 2 business days of placing your order request. It can take up to 4 business days from reviewing and approving your order to compound your bespoke skincare and have it ready for collection or delivery.

Email and SMS communication will be sent to let you know what stage your order request is at throughout this process and keep you in the loop. However, please feel free to reach out to our team at with any questions at any time. We are always happy to help.

If you are ordering from Perth, WA, you are able to collect your products, free of charge, from our compounding pharmacy: Pharmacy 777, 136 Rokeby Road Subiaco, 6008. 

We ship express via Australia Post within Australia. All domestic orders over $250 qualify for free shipping. Please refer to the Australia Post website for more information on expected delivery times.

We ship worldwide via DHL express. Please refer to the DHL website for more information on expected delivery times. Each country has its own regulations and taxation policy for medical items and importing them. It is up to the individual patient to check their countries policy prior to ordering to avoid extra taxes or refusal of entry. The Secret Skincare is unable to refund goods refused entry and takes no responsibility for extra costs incurred.

As each product is hand-made to order we do not offer refunds or exchanges unless a product incorrect, faulty or damaged. In this instance, we ask you please contact us within 30 days of receiving your product to organise an exchange. 

In the case of a reaction, please cease use of your products immediately and contact us. Please refer to the “What should I do if I experience a skin reaction to one of your products?” question in the “After You Order” section of this FAQ.


Sustainability: Prescription Range

The majority of our patients reported significant “product wastage” when using the recommended pea-sized amount, so after the product’s expiry date, our patients were left with an excess product that was no longer as effective for their skin. As loyal patients, you may notice the changing size of some of the products in our range. The sizing move now sees the perfect amount of product being dispensed every time. The new size will last within the recommended time frame, prevent product wastage and provide you with the most effective results. The new packaging is also airless - which better preserves the active ingredients, maintaining their efficacy and preventing any potential bacterial contamination. We want to reassure you that this move to refillable packaging has had you, our customers, at the top of our mind by ensuring we give you the most effective product, eliminate dosage confusion and consistently deliver optimum results.

We have had some enquiries about the change in sizing and pricing of our products since the move to sustainable packaging. We would like to address these questions to ensure transparency and open communication between ourselves and our community. As loyal patients, you would have noticed the sizing change to 2 of our hero products in the range - our Day, Cellular and Pregnancy cream have changed from 100 gs to 50gs. All other creams have stayed at 50gs, with a price reductions. This change in sizing now allows for the perfect amount of product to be dispensed every time, meaning it will last exactly within the recommended time frame and prevent product wastage. The remaining products within our range have not decreased in size, in fact, they have increased from 25g to 30gs jars. The new packaging is also airless - which maintains the efficacy of the active ingredients and completely mitigates the opportunity for bacteria to compromise this. You would have also noticed the pricing change on our products with the move to sustainable and differing sizing. The change has seen a decrease in cost, with our 50g creams now selling for $200, and a refill pod for $190. Our night creams, which were previously 50gs have also seen a price reduction, ensuring consistency across the range. Previously, our 100g creams were sold at $220, with half of the product being thrown away or disregarded due to the 4-5 month timeframes lapsing. Some of our patients have highlighted the cost difference vs sizing change does not align. We want to reassure you that this move to refillable packaging has had you, our customers, at the top of our mind by ensuring we give you the most effective product, eliminate dosage confusion and consistently deliver optimum results. As our products are made to order, the cost of compounding has not changed depending on the size of the product, and we've been happy to absorb this cost at The Secret, as has the increase in the cost of sustainable packaging.

It means we can reuse the vessel and airless pump across the range of products regardless of the product, across the entire range. Following the initial purchase, you will then order a refill pod only which will come to you in a reusable canvas bag - in lieu of the boxed packaging (which is all fully recyclable). Our postage bags will also be completely biodegradable.

The old packaging is also fully recyclable - glass and recyclable plastic - the labels included. The move to our new packaging will encourage people to purchase refills over full product packaging - which will cut down on waste. Our recycling program will also encourage people to send back refill pods to receive a free full refill.

Not only should an amazing skincare routine be simple, but the process to receive and refill should be too. When you first receive your prescription product, it will be presented in our fully recyclable box. Legally, as our skincare is a prescription product, we need to separate the vessel from the refill pod - housing the prescription. And when you are finished with your box, and your skincare is ready to go - the Treatment Plan pocket is not only recyclable but detachable, meaning you can recycle the box and keep hold of the pocket for as long as you like - until you decide to recycle that too. When it comes time to reorder your products, you can order the pods only - which will then come in reusable and recyclable bags. The pods themselves once empty can be collected and sent back to us when you have 6 or more for recycling and we will gift you 1 free product* Or you can take them to your nearest Terracyle bin - linked on our website. Alternatively, recycle at home. Even the delivery bag and pharmacy sticker are biodegradable.

The outer bottle of the 15ml airless is made of PETG, the outer jar of the 30ml & 50ml jars is made of ABS, the inner jars and bottles, refillable bottles, jars, and service caps are all made of PP with 30% PCR.

The refillable packaging is designed in Australia and manufactured in China.

Not at all. We have perfected our formulas and will not be changing them with the change of packaging. We have made sure our stability testing means that the new packaging will hold the right potency to achieve maximum results.

These won’t be changing; we will continue to use our current products - we are working on some subsidiary products to complement our prescription range.

Our products will still be available through our online store - the website will change to enable you to purchase refill pods separately - this will also include full sets of refills.

Sustainability: Base Range

Yes, our Base Range packaging keeps to our sustainable promise, using reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging across our entire brand.

At this stage, our Base Range is not part of our Terracycle program, this is only for our prescription range refill pods.

We are currently working on refillable options across our entire Base Range. However, at this stage it is not refillable like our prescription range.