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We speak a lot about the “journey” here at The Secret Skincare. Specifically, our patient’s journey to glowing healthy skin… But we're encouraging a different kind of journey. It’s one that will change the way we face issues of sustainability in the beauty industry.

The Sustainability Series - a world-first in prescription skincare.

We're so proud to be offering the products you know and love, with new recyclable & refillable packaging, dispensing the perfect amount of product every time. We're still made to order, but now with zero waste. We also believe this new direction of the brand will encourage our patients to start considering a more conscious journey for their skin and for the planet.

The Environmental Impact

It's no secret that the beauty industry has a serious waste problem and with what once felt like an impossible-to-achieve goal, the industry is finally stepping up, with more and more big brands launching refill options for customers.

The launch of our refillable packaging will not only see a new look for the brand's packaging but a change in the way we tackle issues of sustainability in the beauty industry.

70% of waste from the beauty industry comes from packaging (*). That’s about 120 billion units every year, including plastic, paper, glass and metals. Where do these products go? Where they end up results in devastating effects on the environment. And as a prescription skincare range, we also need to consider the effect COVID has had on the healthcare industry currently battling a 'devastating' level of waste.

It is crucial to us that the footprint we leave behind is a positive one, not only on the skin of our patients but on the planet. At The Secret Skincare, Sustainability is one of our core values and is considered in each and every one of our decisions, from our minimalistic regimes, product practices and perceptions through to packaging and processes.

The Series

We were determined to find a solution for our brand that not only aligned with our sustainability mission but also meant maintaining the efficacy and luxurious nature of our products.

Our journey to diversifying our approach to sustainability has been proposed through two series.

Series 1: The Refills

Streamlining our 17 products into 3 core vessels, each offering a refillable pod. This means a holistic change across our business and the way our patients use our products.

The 50ml vessels can hold all day elixirs and night creams.
The 30ml vessel can hold all treatment creams.
The 15ml vessels can hold all eye treatments.

Series 2: Recycle

Everything coming out of The Secret is either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable

Minimising waste, our products are not only made to order, but the new sizing, and airless dosage dispensing will ensure your products remain active for the optimum time frame, a little goes a long way - dispensing the perfect amount of product, usage will be determined on your treatment plan - which is again, fully recyclable.

While we have designed to keep, the outer vessels housing the refillable pod can also be recycled. The refill pod is also fully recyclable, and can be sent back to us (6 pods, results in 1 free product), or recycled at home or one of the numerous Terracyle locations - see locations below.

The Refill Pods

When it's time to reorder your products, you can order the refill pods only - which will then come in reusable and recyclable bags. The refill pod itself is 100% recyclable, as are our stickers and mailer bags, our delivery supporting a carbon-neutral delivery service.

Our patients also have the option to collect 6 refill pods and send them back to us, which results in one free product, alternatively, our pods can be recycled at home or at your closest TerraCycle location.

To participate in the Return Refill Program to receive one free product, email to request your paid postage sticker.


Terracycle have partnered with the below stores where you can recycle your beauty products.

Drop into any of the below locations to find Terracycle Bins for recycling your no longer required product containers.

All David Jones, MECCA and SEPHORA stores in Australia, as well as selected L'Occitane and Priceline stores, are participating in our free beauty products recycling programs and accept all brands.

You can find your closest MECCA store here, your closest David Jones store here and cloest SEPHORA store here.

Also at participating L'Occitane and Priceline stores. Please check out the map on our website to find your closet location.