The Science

It’s not Magic. It’s Science.

Results delivered to you by science, just like magic.

The Secret Skincare is unparalleled to anything you will find on regular retail shelves. We utilise prescription ingredients, medically proven through studies, medical trials and years of research to treat an array of challenging skin conditions and create “healthy skin”. Mass produced products cannot utilise these ingredients in the strengths in which they have been clinically proven to produce results. Our compounded formulas instead allow multiple medically proven ingredients to be combined into a simplistic day and night regime.

Conditions we treat.

Our products were designed by doctors to treat a variety of challenging skin conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne and dermatitis. They do so by creating healthy skin. While absolutely everyone can benefit from healthy skin cells, there are a variety of specific concerns we specialise in.

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Ingredients glossary.

The hero ingredients in our products have been recommended by dermatologists and doctors alike to treat challenging skin conditions for years. Years of research, medical trials and studies have shown them to be the most effective ingredients on the market. This is one of the driving forces behind our brand – our formulations are founded upon extensive scientific research, proven efficacy and of course, results.

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Every one of our prescription products is made individually, for you. Each drop of product applied to your complexion has been formulated entirely by hand, only after being reviewed and approved by our doctors. The utmost attention to detail goes into our compounding process. Our strategic sourcing partnership with a leading compounding pharmacy enables an enhanced scientific process for product development and testing, underpinned by the necessary therapeutic governance to ensure that our products are of the very highest quality.

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