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The Secret.

The skincare industry is saturated to say the least. There are a million and one products out there to consider and a million and one skincare philosophies to listen to. It’s not surprising to us that the average consumer is generally left confused about the best products to treat concerns such as hyperpigmentation. If you’re not in the know… well, it’s hard to know.

That’s exactly why The Secret Skincare was created. We listened to the wants of our patients and delivered them with the fundamentals of what they needed; a simple, yet effective, regime. No need for endless jars and tubes around the house with a variety of unfulfilled skin promises. We combine multiple, medically-proven ingredients into simple day and night formulas with the aim to create healthy skin functioning in optimal condition.

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To lead the worlds luxury-prescription skincare space in all areas of science, service and results. We aim to take the current niche of the beauty industry that is prescription skincare, and turn it into the new industry norm, knowing it offers the best skin solution available to the market.


To reinvent the prescription skincare space with accessibility and simplicity for the everyday individual to experience a healthy, glowing complexion. Not only should an amazing skincare routine be simple, the process to receive it should be too. We have listened to the wants of our patients to deliver them with the fundamentals of what they need; a simple, yet effective, regime. We combine multiple medically proven ingredients into simple day and night formulas with the aim to create healthy skin functioning in optimal condition.


The Secret isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and norms of the skincare industry, especially if science shows there is a better way. What people need from their skincare is results. Science has the solution. The Secret delivers it to them.

The nature of our skincare does not allow our relationship to just simply end after a patient has received their product. Unlike any skincare company before, when you purchase our products, you are also receiving a service. Support, education and trust build the foundations of all of our patient relationships. We know it’s a journey to healthy skin and we will be with you every step of the way.

We don't need to tell you about the negative impacts over-consumption in the beauty industry has had on the environment. It is essential to us that the footprint we leave behind is a positive one, not only on the skin of our patients but on the planet. Sustainability is considered in each and every one of our decisions, from our minimalistic regimes, through to our packaging and processes.

The Story.

When Skin Clinic owner Dr Clara Hurst and General Practitioner Dr Deb Cohen-Jones met two years ago, they knew they had something special. Introduced by mutual acquaintances, the two Perth-based cosmetic medical professionals connected over a shared love of integrity and efficacy in the products they were prescribing to their loyal patients but saw a gap in the market for a highly effective solution for complex cosmetic conditions. The result is The Secret, Australia’s first prescription only skincare range. 

Carefully researched and formulated with medical strength ingredients such as Tretinoin and Hydroquinone, The Secret range is custom-made for each patient to treat their specific skin concerns.

Each formulation contains a unique combination of prescription strength ingredients in a patented base which provides the optimal carriage of these prescription strength compounds. The focus is on increasing skin clarity, treating fine lines and skin laxity, eliminating pigmentation and breakouts and achieving that coveted Secret glow. With more products currently in development, Clara and Deb are excited to be expanding on the product range which will work with the existing range to deliver even more incredible results. The Secret Skincare takes a bespoke approach to skincare, taking the fundamentals of what people want and delivering them with what they need.

The Secret Skincare founders have done hard work for their patients by navigating the complex ins and outs of the skincare industry for them. They found the ingredients that get the results and how to deliver it to their patients in a way they want - simply and efficiently. It’s the kind of knowledge that can really only come from years of personal experience working alongside real patients.

Dr Clara Hurst

Dr Clara Hurst BDS graduated as a dentist from King’s College London Medical and Dental School in 2005. Her interest in cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics led to further training and study within the field of facial rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement procedures, including training and working as a cosmetic injector at world renowned Harley Street in London.

Clara has 14 years hands on experience in anti-wrinkle and facial sculpting treatments. As the advances in non-surgical injectable treatments continue, she regularly attends training courses and seminars to keep abreast of the latest techniques, products, procedures and trends.

Clara prides herself in achieving very natural results for her patients and believes that in most cases a conservative treatment approach is the best way to achieve her signature “untouched” and refreshed look.

Dr Deb Cohen-Jones

Dr Deb Cohen-Jones in a general practitioner with a special interests in cosmetic medicine, mental health, women's health and dermatology.

Dr Cohen-Jones has over 20 years of experience treating patients of all ages. Her focus lays in preventative medicine and holistic patient care, with a passion for overall patient health and wellbeing from the outside in.

Dr Cohen-Jones is also the co- creator of the highly acclaimed Secret Skincare range and is passionate about providing the most up to date effective prescription skincare to achieve maximal at home results to compliment BLANC’s in-clinic cosmetic treatments.

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