The (skin) Essentials for Men

Ask a guy what they’re looking for from their skincare routine and you can just imagine their response…

“I’m not.”

Look, we get it. Even the word “routine” sounds kind of off putting, right? Sounds like a lot of effort for something that you might not be overly interested in….
…read to the end of this, and we hope you’ll change your mind. Or at least, we hope Jeremy does.

This is Jeremy (and his gorgeous family). A life-long surfer who has been exposed to some of Australia’s harsher environmental elements. Skincare was never really on the radar until his wife introduced him to us here at The Secret Skincare.

And so the story starts.

Having not ever really using active skincare before nor having stuck to a consistent routine. This was the issue – sticking to it. He needed something quick, no fuss and gets the job done. This is the incentive that made the Secret Skincare his perfect solution.

He needed something quick, no fuss and gets the job done. This is the incentive that made the Secret Skincare Men’s range his perfect solution.

Every guy should at least have the very essentials of skincare. So, we introduced Jeremy to our simple, yet effective three step Secret Skincare routine with our appropriately named “Essential Set”.

The Men's Essential Set contains a Night Cream, a Day Cream and an Eye Treatment. It’s a simple yet covers all bases skincare routine to get you started. We could go on, but we’ll leave it up to Jeremy and his results to do the talking.

Jeremy, 6 weeks using The Secret Men's range. 

The Secret - "How did you find fitting The Secret into your daily routine?

Jeremy - "The system is so easy to use and streamlined that it was pretty effortless to integrate the skincare products into my daily routine."

TS - "What kind of results have you seen?"

J - "The results have been amazing- huge areas of pigmentation have cleared up across my nose and cheeks. My forehead continues to clear and the pigmentation is still lifting. I’ve noticed my skin’s texture has smoothed out and my face looks clearer."

TS - "Any challenges using the skincare?"

J - "I’ve never used any skincare beyond sunscreen so it did take a few days to adjust to the new skincare AM/PM routine. It became second nature in no time though."


TS - "Any advice to other men wanting to take better care of their skin?"

J - "More sunscreen, more water, better nutrition. It all works together."

 Jeremy used the Cellular Repair Night Cream, Cellular Repair Eye Cream, Day Brightening Elixir and Brightening Eye Serum to achieve the results pictured above.

TS - "Have you learnt anything about skincare you didn’t know before?"

J - "That consistency is key. And that it actually works.


TS - "Will you continue to use The Secret as part of your everyday routine?"

J - "100%- I’m fully committed now."


TS - "Has anyone commented on your skin?"

J - "Everyone!"

By tailoring to his concerns using the power and strength of prescription skincare, we are able to target acne, pigmentation, ageing skin and more in just three simple steps with the Men’s Essentials Set ($450). Receive a complementary Serum with your Men's Essentials Set between 15 June - 30 June (Individually valued at $130).