Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Skincare?

This is for the person who feels like they’ve tried everything, who has exhausted every avenue possible when it comes to skincare, using hundreds of products and spending hundreds of dollars. 

Sound familiar? 

It might be time to look into medical-grade, prescription skincare. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, just simply skincare ingredients that are only made available to you with the approval of a doctor. An option made easier than ever to explore through The Secret Skincare.

The power of medical-grade skincare

Like all the best kept secrets, medical-grade skincare isn’t so easy to find. The reason you won’t find this kind of skincare on regular retails shelves is fairly simple to explain – there is quite a difference between the strength at which these ingredients deliver when compared to your regular day and night moisturisers.  

These ingredients have undergone several phases of clinical trials to determine their efficacy. They are truly tried and tested, with a considerable amount of research behind each and every one and determined to be Doctors-only. This means they are only available  to you after a skin consultation with your doctor. 

Accordingly, the process to which you obtain and use this kind of skincare is slightly  different to what you may be used to - however it also means they are able to treat stubborn skin conditions that regular skincare just can't quite target as effectively.  

Sometimes, off the shelf skincare just doesn’t cut it against the relentless skin conditions such as melasma, pigmentation, acne and rosacea (to name a few). Sometimes, you might just need something a little stronger. Not only do these kinds of ingredients deliver greater  results but will do so in a reduced amount of time. 

How medical-grade skincare works

We’ve all been at our GP’s office for an appointment at 9.30am, to finally hear your name be called at 10.15am and only to then be referred to a specialist - ultimately consuming too much of your time and money. 

Let the Secret Skincare take the pain out of those long waits in the doctor’s office and large  consultation fees. Our e-consultation system allows you to receive those medical-grade  actives that get results, only from the comfort of your own home.

We’re all about simplifying here at The Secret. That means simplifying what can be  complicated skincare experiences from beginning to end. 

Not only should an amazing skincare routine be simple, the process to receive it should be  too. 

Simply visit us a add the products you would like to request  to your cart and fill out our e-consultation form at checkout. This detailed consultation form  asks you all the same questions you would be asked at a regular consultation with your GP,  except you don't even need to get out of your pyjamas to do it. Sounds pretty ideal right? It  gets better. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, you can leave it in the hands of a doctor. Selecting the "Choose for me" option allows the doctors to choose your skincare based on their  professional medical opinion of your consultation form to best align with your skincare  needs and skin goals 

Ultimately every request must be approved by a Secret Skincare doctor – meaning your skin  is being diagnosed by a trained professional. Not only are you getting customised skincare to best suit your needs, but you have access to continued support from our trained team of  skin experts and doctors who are always available to reach out to. 

Also differentiating The Secret from a visit to your regular GP is The Secret Base – the  perfect medium formulated with these medical-grade ingredients to compliment and  offsetting their intense effects, giving our patients the best of both skincare worlds. It  creates a beautiful consistency for a smooth, even application and a longer lasting shelf life.  

If you’ve tried everything you’ve probably heard all the promises for results before. We get it, a healthy bit of skepticism. Believe in the effectiveness of medical-grade skincare by seeing the results for yourself. 

4 weeks using The Signature Set – Cellular Repair Night Cream, Brightening Day Elixir, Cellular Repair Night Eye Cream and Brightening Day Eye Serum

Prescription Skincare

4 Months using The Essentials Set – Acne Night Formula/Cellular Repair Night Cream,  Brightening Day Elixir and Brightening Eye Serum.  

Acne Before & After

1 week using The Essentials Set – Cellular Repair Night Cream, Brightening Day Elixir and  Brightening Eye Serum 

SKin Pigmentation

1 month using The Essentials Set – Cellular Repair Night Cream, Brightening Day Elixir and  Brightening Eye Serum

Skin Pigmentation

Two months using The Essentials Set – Cellular Repair Night Cream, Brightening Day Elixir and Brightening Eye Serum