Your Day & Night Skincare Essentials and Routine

During the day, your skin works hard to protect itself from sun damage, oxidation and more, whilst also staying hydrated. A 2013 study revealed that people who were sleep deprived were likely to appear more fatigued with redder and more swollen eyes, have paler skin and more wrinkles/fine lines around the eyes than those who were getting a good night's sleep. This is because while we sleep, our skin repairs and regenerates in order to kick-start the cell rejuvenation process.

This was the reason why our team at The Secret Skincare scientifically formulated two different treatments for your skin - morning and night. Our products are created using a number of hero ingredients, with additional ingredients varying based on your individual prescription. So, you can be confident in your decision to bring The Secret into your routine and help make the most of your skincare.

The Secret Skincare's Matte Day Brightening Elixir pictured on a rock - a must have as part of your skincare essentials.

Day and Night Skin Care Essentials

Whether you're well-versed in your day and night skin care regimen, or you're looking to get started and are doing some research on the different cleansers, treatments and moisturisers available, you've come to the right place. Our skincare products are the result of years of research, medical trials and studies that have shown the ingredients we use to be some of the most effective that you'll find in the skin care industry today. That's why we're recommending you make them one of your skin care essentials and part of your regular routine.

Day Routine

For those looking to add something new to their morning skin care routine, we would suggest our Day Brightening Elixir and Brightening Day Eye Serum.

Our Day Brightening Elixir is a bespoke compound cream with a whipped cream consistency, formulated with active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and fine lines. This cream is perfect as a base under makeup and you can choose from two performance-driven variations:

  • Dewy - for a radiant and lit-from-within look
  • Matte - for a clean, polished, no-shine finish.

Our Brightening Day Eye Serum works as the perfect morning pick-me-up - depuffing, brightening and hydrating the eye contour. Applying this serum instantly relieves puffy eyes and diminishes the appearance of dark circles.

Night Routine

Finding the right combination of products to use as part of your skincare routine while winding down and getting ready for sleep can be tough. With our Cellular Repair Night Cream and Cellular Repair Eye Cream, you can give your skin the boost it needs overnight and ready for the following day.

The Secret Skincare's Cellular Repair Night Cream sinks into the skin while you sleep - targeting pigmentation, smoothing lines and wrinkles, reducing redness, improving texture and creating The Secret glow! Apply our Cellular Repair Eye Cream to the eye contour to reverse the signs of premature ageing while you sleep. This gentle formula is suitable even for the sensitive eye region and will help soften fine lines, improve skin texture and diminish pigmentation.

Combined, these products will give you a simple but targeted and effective way to achieve beautiful glowing skin in the shortest time possible.