Is Medical Grade Skincare Really More Effective? The Secret Tells All

Is medical grade skincare more effective than over-the-counter alternatives? This is one of the questions that built the foundation of The Secret and a question that gets a lot of attention. While over-the-counter products have been formulated to effectively tackle common concerns for the majority of the general population, skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You know it. We know it. 

What is Medical Grade Skincare?

Medical grade skincare consists of products that are both; curated using active ingredients, and tested by medical and skincare professionals. You’re likely to find more active ingredients in medical grade skincare products than most, if not all. That’s because certain actives can be used to treat specific skin conditions, which is why medical grade skincare can also be referred to as prescription skincare.

Active ingredients are natural and scientifically proven to change the structure of your skin cells. They not only work to hydrate and nourish the skin, but also to repair, rejuvenate and protect it. Some of the most common active ingredients you’re likely to see in medical grade skincare include AHAs, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and retinol, but there are plenty more.

Not all active ingredients are used in every medical grade or prescription skincare product, and that’s simply a result of everyone having different concerns they’d like to treat. So, while the base ingredients may be the same or similar in most cases, some actives are added or taken out as needed.

Is Medical Grade Skincare Accessible?

It’s common to think you may need to see a doctor or medical professional (such as a dermatologist) to get access to medical grade skincare. While this might’ve been the case in the past, the internet has made medical grade and prescription skin care more accessible for those who need it. And we’re all here for it. 

A perfect example of this is the fact that we’ve been able to develop a quick, easy and free online skin quiz. Our quiz allows people to provide information about their skin; whether or not they’ve ever had an allergic reaction to skincare products, if they have specific skin concerns, and more, to receive a doctor’s recommendation and a customised list of solutions tailored to one's needs. 

Medical Grade Skincare vs Over-the-Counter Skincare

We know there are many people who haven't been able to hit the jackpot when it comes to over-the-counter skincare products. Finding the ideal product for your skin is not easy, and after trying some, or way too many options sold to be “the magical formula” for your concern without any luck, it can be frustrating. You know it. We know it.

There are a number of reasons this might happen. As we touched on earlier, over-the-counter products usually contain a lower concentration of active ingredients. These products are designed to sit on the surface of your skin and therefore, don’t always help you target specific concerns or deliver on the result you’re chasing. So, while over-the-counter products are easily accessible and priced well, they may not be the right option for you.

Medical grade skincare, on the other hand, is not only backed by extensive clinical research with scientifically proven benefits, but the products/ingredients are actually formulated to reach the deepest layers of your skin. Due to the nature of the ingredients used and the concerns that medical grade skincare tackles, you’re also able to have completely customised products that are developed to help treat your specific concerns based on your skin and history with skincare products. However, with this level of customisation and formulation comes a higher price than what you might be used to paying for over-the-counter solutions.

So… Is Medical Grade Skincare Really More Effective?

While we wanted to give you a straightforward answer, we also wanted to make sure we told all (as the title suggests). Generally speaking, the answer to this question is not so simple and just like skin care, it's your call to make. 

Medical grade skincare that uses prescription ingredients is likely to be more effective than most, if not all, over-the-counter remedies. Through using a higher concentration of ingredients that not only benefit the skin, but reach the deepest levels of it, medical grade skincare is a fantastic way to treat specific skin conditions - especially if you’re not having any luck with over-the-counter products.

Whether you’re looking to add the perfect products to your skincare routine, treat a specific concern, or are interested in finding out if medical grade and prescription skincare is the right option for you, The Secret is here to guide you on your journey to clear, glowing skin.. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please contact us online.