Pregnancy Brightening Night Cream


The “pregnancy glow” … some women will tell you it’s a thing. Many women would tell you it’s a complete and utter myth. This Night Cream was formulated by The Secret Skincare Co-Founders Dr Clara Hurst & Dr Deb Cohen-Jones based on their own reality of the “pregnancy glow”. Where they in fact, experienced pregnancies that wreaked havoc on their skin.

The Pregnancy Brightening Night Cream is a pregnancy safe way of addressing the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy that bring about the over-production of melanin in the skin, otherwise known as the skin condition “melasma”. Nourish the skin while targeting concerns such as pigmentation, ageing and dullness. The Pregnancy Brightening Night Cream will deliver you that pregnancy glow, at the hands of science.

Always read the label and follow the directions provided by our doctors before use. 

  • Made to order - Zero waste Made to order - Zero waste
  • Vegan Vegan
  • Paraben Free Paraben Free
  • Ships Worldwide Ships Worldwide
  • Colour and Fragance Free Colour and Fragance Free
  • Cruelty Free Cruelty Free

Prescription fading ingredients coupled with and other intensive brightening actives work together to inhibit the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. By directly targeting this enzyme, the overproduction of melanin is prevented. These ingredients also encourage cell regeneration, triggering the skin to heal itself. and accelerate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Antioxidant benefits neutralise free radicals.

Please contact us to request an ingredients list for this product.

The Results?

  • Increased collagen and elastin create a firmer, smoother complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin becomes healthier, and as a result, stronger and more resilient to ageing external aggressors.
  • Hyperpigmentation will lighten and the skin will become more uniform in appearance while further pigment is also being prevented from forming.
  • Healing properties reduce inflammation and scarring for a calmer and more even-toned appearance.
  • Existing damage incurred by environmental is repaired to reverse visible signs of ageing.

Please refer to your Personalised Treatment Plan for individual instructions of use from your doctor.

Gently massage a pea-sized amount of your Pregnancy Brightening Night Cream into your complexion using upwards motions. You may also layer other products underneath or over the top, such as our Face Serum for added hydration.

This product was designed to be used whilst pregnant or trying to conceive. Post-pregnancy, we recommend trying our Cellular Repair Night Cream.

Real People, Real Results

Our Pregnancy Brightening Night Cream Formulations

One of our formulas has been recommended for you based on your individual skin concerns concerns and history provided in your medical questionnaire.

If you are interested in a particular product please leave a note in your medical questionnaire or get in touch.

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