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Hyperpigmentation is excessive skin pigmentation. Visually, it can be recognised as patches of skin appearing darker than the surrounding skin.

While the different types of hyperpigmentation may vary in origin, the science of why hyperpigmentation occurs stays relatively similar. Essentially, it appears due to an overproduction of melanin stimulated by several different triggers, such as UV exposure, hormones, genetics, medical conditions, and certain medications.

Our Pigment Set combines powerful prescription-strength ingredients to effectively reduce melanin production and prevent further pigment from forming.


  • 50gm Day Elixir
  • 50gm Night Cream
  • Eye Product

Based on the information provided in your medical questionnaire, our doctors will prescribe a Day, Night and Treatment best suited for your skin.

  • Made to order - Zero waste Made to order - Zero waste
  • Vegan Vegan
  • Paraben Free Paraben Free
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