Post Treatment Care Cream 30g


Prescription skincare and in-clinic treatments go hand-in-hand. Think of it this way, would you purchase a Ferrari just to fill it up with 91? The same way you want to maintain the condition of your car, you want to maintain the results of your treatments. The Post Treatment Care Cream significantly reduces the risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) following intensive, in-clinic treatments such as laser therapy, plasma pen and peels. Secret Skincare Co-Founder, Dr Clara Hurst, formulated this product specifically for the patients of her renowned skin clinic in the Western Suburbs of Perth, Blanc. She has now shared this formula to include it as part of The Secret Skincare range for patients to use post treatment anywhere.

Always read the label and follow the directions provided by our doctors before use. 

  • Made to order - Zero waste Made to order - Zero waste
  • Vegan Vegan
  • Paraben Free Paraben Free
  • Ships Worldwide Ships Worldwide
  • Colour and Fragance Free Colour and Fragance Free
  • Cruelty Free Cruelty Free

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