We’re all about simplifying here at The Secret. That means simplifying your skincare experience from beginning to end.

Not only should an amazing skincare routine be simple, the process to receive it should be too!

The Secret Skincare three step ordering process takes the pain out of those long waits in the doctor’s office and large consultation fees. Our e-consultation system allows you to receive the power of medical-grade ingredients, only from the comfort of your own home.

Follow the three steps below to get started on your journey.

To place an order request with The Secret Skincare simply select the variant of the product you would like to try and add it to your cart.

The Secret range contains a number of different formulations carefully designed to treat a variety of specific skin concerns. Unsure what products will be best to suit your skin needs and align with your skin goals? The “choose for me” variant was created to take the decision anxiety out of your order request.

Selecting the “choose for me” option allows the doctors to select your products for you based on their professional opinion of the details in the medical questionnaire you provide us in step two. The doctors decisions on which formulas will be best for you will be communicated to you via email.

Once you have added your order request to your cart you may then proceed to step two.
The Secret Skincare is unlike your standard day and night moisturisers. Our products utilise the power and strength of medical-grade ingredients available to you only after completing our e-consultation process. 

At cart, you will be asked to fill out our secure and detailed medical questionnaire. Your skincare will be formulated based on the answers provided in this questionnaire, so it is important to answer honestly, thoughtfully and with as much detail as possible.

We also ask that you please not place an order request on someone else’s behalf – if you are looking to gift The Secret we recommend purchasing one of our gift cards here.

The Secret Skincare medical questionnaire asks you all the same questions you would be asked in a regular consultation with your doctor, except without all the fuss of visiting an actual doctor. Only after it has been reviewed and approved by The Secret Skincare doctors can we commence compounding your skincare. Ultimately, every order is based on the details of your medical questionnaire. If the doctors do not feel the products you have requested will be suited to your skin, they will alter the formulations you have chosen with what they believe will bring you the best results. Our team will communicate with you to let you know of any changes suggested by the doctors.

Once you have completed the medical questionnaire you may proceed to checkout to finalise your order and supply payment details. Payment will not be taken until your order is approved by our doctors.
Sit back and wait for a team member from The Secret Skincare to give you the good news - your skincare request has been turned into a reality and compounding will begin in Perth, WA.

This three-step process can take up to four business days from reviewing and approving your order request to compounding your bespoke skincare and having it ready for collection or delivery.

Email and SMS communication will be sent to let you know what stage your order request is at throughout this process and keep you in the loop. However, please feel free to reach out to our team at info@thesecretskincare.com.au with any questions at any time. We are always happy to help.