The Secret Launch

Intimate Event Introducing The Secret:

When BLANC Skin Clinic owner Dr Clara Hurst and General Practitioner Dr Deb Cohen-Jones met two years ago, they knew they had something special. Introduced by mutual acquaintances, the two Perth-based cosmetic medical professionals connected over a shared love of integrity and efficacy in the products they were prescribing to their loyal patients but saw a gap in the market for a highly effective solution for complex cosmetic conditions.

The Secret Launch Perth

“We realised we had both been prescribing similar products to our patients. Mine were similar to The Secret but never produced by me, so the results were always varied as they came from various chemists. Clara had been prescribing the same ingredients for over ten years with fantastic results but with a more complex multi-step process costing five times our current price,” Deb says.

“We knew straight away we needed to join forces to create the perfect range for maximum results. As a General Practitioner, I see a lot of patients whose confidence and self-esteem suffer greatly due to poor skin health, so we really wanted to help people achieve the skin of their dreams without spending a fortune on complex regimes.”

Carefully researched and formulated with medical strength ingredients. The Secret range is custom-made for each patient to treat their specific skin concerns.

“We are constantly working and researching with the best pharmacists to innovate and ensure our range is of the highest possible quality,” says Clara. “It took a lot of work initially, testing different formulations and strengths until we found the perfect combination, and of course, the perfect medium - our SECRET base."